About Us
Family owned and operated since 1971, our vision is simple... Customer Service... Treat your clients with care and respect and honesty... as you would want to be treated yourself. Integrity and efficient work ethics with approachable staff that have experience and knowledge serving customs requirements for both Canada and USA. Boutique service covering all of Canada importation from one location. Providing exceptional personal attention and managing your Customs Clearance needs and Freight Forwarding in support of the Entertainment Industry for over 40 years.

We have developed extensive relations with a large number of clients covering a wide range of industries that include Live Entertainment productions, vendors support, staging, Lighting, Audio, Theatre, touring shows both domestic and international. We have extensive knowledge in all aspects surrounding the complex tour logistics for border crossings to ensure a timely transition across the borders. We are not limited to Entertainment, and also provide Customs clearance for a vast number of industries including machinery, busses, heavy equipment, audio visual, cosmetics, office furniture, and many other varied commodities.